Ghost Rut

The 1st of October was my first stag watching foray during this year’s rut. As the sun dropped, fast moving skirmishes began and my camera struggled to keep pace with the action, capturing these increasingly blurred and ghostly shapes …

One of the key challengers.

There were repeated and sometimes very ill-advised forays by challengers trying to isolate hinds. As it grew darker, stag calls were audible across the park.

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Nicolaes Witsen Priest of the Devil

This 1692 image is known as the earliest depiction of a Siberian shaman and appeared in Dutch explorer Witsen’s account of his travels. Antlers were also associated with pre-Christian pagan beliefs in Western Europe and Witsen inevitably viewed Siberian shamanism in this demonic light.

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An elegant design for the cover of this atmospheric Californian release.

C.O.T.A. New Mythologies CD cover. Sonick Sorcery, 2012.

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Folk Art in Killarney

Mural on an industrial estate in Killarney, Co. Kerry. Photos by Alexei Monroe, June 2019.

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June 14, 2020 · 6:33 pm

Neue Slowenische Kunst: Krst pod Triglavom, 1986

The large, mobile stags that played a prominent part in the scenography of Krst pod Triglavom (Baptism under Triglav). This was the largest-ever Slovene theatrical spectacle and used avant-garde art to explore Slovene identity. The stag is a key NSK signifier.


Photo by Jože Suhadolnik. See more of his Suhadolnik’s classic NSK photos here.

The stags are also clearly visible in the 1987 video for Laibach’s Geburt einer Nation


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Past Life Threat Messages by Wizards Tell Lies.

Artwork for the dense and atmospheric album Past Life Threat Messages by Wizards Tell Lies.






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Woodland Gathering VI, Cumbria, 16-17 August 2009

A more coherent and stylish example of stag imagery than many, this poster promotes an event in a beautiful location with a very promising line-up.


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Antler House by Frank Jay Haynes, Yellowstone Park

A macabre memorial that became a visitor attraction. Read more on the history of this structure.

Antler House Frank Jay Haynes

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Natural history displays at the Kerry Museum, Tralee/Trá Lí

The museum has some strong Stag imagery in the early history section and is well worth a visit for those wanting to learn more about Kerry/Chiarraí.


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Coat of arms of the former metropolitan borough of Hampstead


The Stag’s head derives from the Hickes family. Learn more about the borough and its coat of arms on Wikipedia.

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