Tracks of the Stag is a multi-format process based around a forthcoming book and exhibition which will track what I call the “symbolic stag”, the creature that occurs in numerous cultures and contexts, from cave paintings to rave flyers and continues to colonise new habitats.

The greatest paradox of the stag as a symbol is that compared to its frequency it is so rarely perceived or discussed, perhaps precisely because it is so massively present. Tracking this hyper-present creature can reveal as much about the workings of contemporary image construction as about traditional cultures. When tracked in more detail it seems to flit across the most improbable territories. 

Exploring the numerous unexpected commercial, political, cultural and even military habitats of the symbolic stag can reveal much about our own symbolic and real environment and this project will document and interpret the creature as and when it appears during the research. Your “sightings” are also sought – feel free to contribute them. If you want to get involved or wish to use any of the material here then leave a comment.

Tracks of the Stag is a project by Alexei Monroe, author of the books Pluralni monolit and Interrogation Machine. Header photo and text c. Alexei Monroe 2006. See also Plural Machine.


4 responses to “Agenda

  1. ^ Link to our project.

    I’d be keen to discuss this further if you’re still working on it.



  2. GH

    Hi Alexej,

    here is the cover of a record:

    slightly larger:

    Greetings from Leipzig, Germany

    (celebrating today the 25th anniversary of 70.000 people not walking their dog in the evening)

  3. GH

    Summer is over, as someone from London found out:

    And this picture from Richmond Park is great indeed:

    Greetings from Leipzig, Germany

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