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Antler House by Frank Jay Haynes, Yellowstone Park

A macabre memorial that became a visitor attraction. Read more on the history of this structure.

Antler House Frank Jay Haynes


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Natural history displays at the Kerry Museum, Tralee/Trá Lí

The museum has some strong Stag imagery in the early history section and is well worth a visit for those wanting to learn more about Kerry/Chiarraí.


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Antler documentary

This Arte film is a very clear and fascinating explanation of the science behind antlers. Highly recommended.



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Johann Elias Ridinger, Radierung 1736

Hirschjagd Färte Landschaft Jagd Tiere Johann Elias Ridinger Radierung 1745

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October 1, 2018 · 12:30 pm

15th c. Hunting Scene Fresco, Holycross Abbey, Co. Tipperary.


Illustration from Peter Harbison, Guide to the National Monuments of Ireland, Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1970.

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Berliner markt


Alexei Monroe, 2016.



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Laibach Neu Konservatiw Picture Disc

Laibach Neu Konservatiw picture disc

Edition of 1000 copies, available now on Cold Spring.

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